Steam and condensation

There are 3 factors that will influence how much condensation will occur in your bathroom.

 Air Flow and ventilation options: 

Opening a window – this is effective for letting steam out, but if it cools down the temperature of the room it will take longer for the condensation to dry out.

Extractor fan (mechanical ventilation) – this is the most effective way to dry out a bathroom as long as it draws air in from a warmer area.  Increasing the gap under the bathroom door from approx 3mm to approx 8mm is a good way to let more fresh air into the room.  A good idea is to get an extractor fan with a timer so the extractor fan runs for another 7 minutes after you turn it off.

Temperature:  Common and effective ways to heat a bathroom are:  underfloor heating, heat lamps, electric fan heater or a central heating system.  A heated towel rail will also help keep your bathroom warmer.

Insulation:  Having insulation in your walls, floor and ceiling will help keep the air and the bathroom surfaces from getting as cold which helps reduce the condensation.  Some suggest that insulating all your internal walls with batts in a bathroom is a good idea; others say that in the unlikely event that the batts do get wet, they may stay wet and make your bathroom colder and more likely to grow mould