Bathroom Vanities

Vanity Options

Cabinetry finish options

Splash resistant:  Cabinetry is made from Melamine board which is particle board or MDF (Medium Density Fibre board) or marine ply sheets that are coated on the front and back sides.  The coating is typically white, but there are many colours and wood grain options available.  In a manufacturing shop they are cut to size and then a strong tape is glued around the edges of the panels to provide a nice finish, and some water protection. However water can still get into the particle board or MDF if it stays wet for long periods.

Water resistant:  A higher quality finish is available for the cupboard and door fronts.  In this case the bare MDF or marine ply drawer fronts and door fronts are cut to size and shaped, (sometimes given a curved or detailed edge) then fully coated with a lacquer or pvc (plastic) or thermofoil coating, making a good seal around the whole panel. This provides very good water protection and durability and they are easier to keep clean.  We might say this is water resistant.

Water Proof:  Vanities can also be made from PVC which is a type of plastic.  They come as a standard white colour, but are also available in any Resene paint colour.  The panels are water proof.

Vanity tops

Acrylic vanity tops are made from moulds and the shape is very consistent.  If an acrylic vanity top is damaged, it can be repaired.  Some acrylic tops crack when very hot water is regularly run on them over long periods of time.  Acrylic vanity tops are drilled by the plumber to accommodate the tap fitting

Porcelain (also called Vitreous China) generally has a more pleasing look and is more difficult to scratch, but they can be chipped. Porcelain tops are cooked in an oven and never come out perfectly flat.  Porcelain tops come with tap or mixer holes in them.  A budget porcelain vanity has more ripples and defects on it.

Granite and Engineered stone are becoming increasingly popular.  There are a large range of colours and styles.  They will be custom made for your size requirements.  The surface is extremely hard so it is near impossible to damage.  The colour stays consistent for its life time.  They are the most expensive option.