Services to our clients:

  • Initial Design Consultation: The first step is to have an initial design consultation with us. You can request one here >
  • No waiting for the price:  In most instances we can provide a fixed price quote on the first visit, at the design consultation.  Exceptions to this may be if there are extra things which may require additional time to price, or if you are undecided on options.  The fixed price quote includes all the contractors and materials, but does not include bathroom fittings or tiles.
  • Shopping list:  In our initial meeting we will help you make a list for you to take to your bathroom supplier store and a scale drawing of your bathroom.  It will include all the items you will need to buy and their sizes.  We will also specify measurements such as the toilet waste set out from the wall, the location of the shower waste, whether the heated towel rail should have the wire on the left or right and other easy to miss important details.
  • Bathroom fittings advice:  Bathroom Transformations can provide general advice about choosing bathroom fittings and through an association with a major bathroom supplier in Hamilton point you in the right direction as to where you can purchase your fittings.
  • Renovation advice:  Bathroom Transformations can also provide general advice about the renovation experience.  Many people may not have had an alteration done in their home for quite a while if ever.  In the bathroom we usually have about 8 different tradespeople come and do their part throughout the job.  There is a lot going on in one room and it is a bit of a logistical mission.   An overview of the renovation process, tips for understanding Tradespeople and what you can expect during your renovation can provide a valuable insight.
  • Planning is done before the job starts:  We will sit down with you and make a full plan of your bathroom.  In most cases we can plan the whole job from start to finish including a time schedule so you can sit back and watch it happen.  We will help you plan for details like:
    • How high to put your heated towel rail, and if the switch will be placed on the left hand side or right hand side.
    • Where to put the bath mixer and bath spout.
    • Arranging your bathroom so it is practical to use and looks good.
    • Exactly where your vanity light, mirror, hand towel ring, power point etc will go.
  • Full Project Management:  A team of chosen friendly professional contractors will work efficiently to renovate your bathroom according to the plans.  Your project manager will oversee the work as required and will normally give an update twice a week during the project.  They will promptly resolve any issues you have.
  • Consistently excellent service:  Our team work hard to provide consistently excellent service.  The contractors have been chosen for their high level of workmanship and their ability to work well with people.  Renovating part of a house that someone is living in is quite a personal thing.  We have written guidelines for our contractors that include details such as keeping the site tidy, protecting the floor and being considerate of our clients needs.

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