About Us

Bathroom Transformations Values

  1. We believe a nice bathroom can help you feel valuable and is a great place to help you feel refreshed and energised.  A bathroom can be a treat and a place to pamper and spoil yourself. A nice bathroom can help you feel ready to take on the day, to motivate you and give you confidence.
  2. A bathroom is typically upgraded every 20 years so it is worth designing in the finest detail so it will meet your needs.
  3. Your bathroom is an expression statement of who you are.
  4. Everyone is valuable and worthy of respect.  We listen to our clients until they feel understood and we will keep asking questions until we feel we understand them. We treat our clients with the same respect I would want my mother to be treated with – and I love my Mum.
  5. We are helping people to be happier in their homes

Success for Bathroom Transformations is:

  1. Seeing our clients in a well designed, well built and awesome looking bathroom.
  2. Knowing that the bathroom has been built with quality to last.
  3. Receiving a heartfelt thank you, a thank you letter, a gift, a hug and a glowing feedback form from a raving fan!

A Note from Arran AxtellArran

As a part of a goal setting exercise I was asked: “What would you want to do with your life if money wasn’t a problem?”.  After the initial thoughts of buying a huge house and flash car and travelling the world had popped up I continued the thought process to the next level and thought about once the novelty had worn off those things what would I really want to do?

I carried on the questions until I got to one that asked: “How can I best contribute to the world?”.  After the initial thoughts of finding a cure for cancer and overcoming poverty and crime and making the world a happy place for all to live I came back down to ground level and thought: Seriously now, how can a father of 2 living in Hamilton best contribute to the world in a practical way?
I looked at the things I naturally enjoyed doing and I observed these things about myself:

  • I enjoy helping people
  • I am fussy and like to do excellent work
  • I enjoy practical work and I enjoy planning
  • I like problem solving
  • I am patient with people and listen well

Through Bathroom Transformations I have been diligently working to:

  • Learn about bathrooms and wet areas
  • Improve our building and planning systems for quality and efficiency
  • Put together a team of skilled contractors who are well organised and good with people
  • Find out what makes clients satisfied and find ways to deliver that experience

Thanks for taking the time to read about us.  I’d love to help with your bathroom.